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Windbreak Considerations


Tree Species Selection may be affected by

    • Soils (suitability of your soils to the tree species you want to plant)
    • Hydrology (limitation of tree species in wet areas)
    • Location (proximity to buildings, roads, overhead wires, etc.)
    • Purpose (shelter, wildlife, snow catch, aesthetics)

Land Preparation

    • Planning ahead (sod areas should be broke and worked thoroughly by July 1 of the year prior to planting new trees)
    • Corn stalks should be worked in the fall, and site should be as free of trash as possible
    • Herbicide carryover (potential effects will need to be determined)
    • Tillage (site will be tilled and weed free at planting) 12” to 24” deep tillage
    • Other (consider the use of pre-emerge chemicals for weed control)

Care After Planting

    • Landowner must heel in trees after planting is completed
    • Landowner must level any furrows left by tree planting equipment prior to installation of fabric
    • Landowner should drive edges of  fabric weed barrier to seal edges into soil

Tree Care/ Weed Control Options

    • Fabric Weed Barrier (fabric material placed around trees that prevents weed growth)
    • Tillage (keeping the area around and between trees weed free)
    • Chemical (there are a limited number labeled for trees)
    • Mowing (this is not weed control and requires a desirable grass species to be planted between the rows)


    • Any tree or shrub that fails needs to be replaced during the first three years to minimize size variation within the planting. Any tree or shrub that fails in following years should be replaced to maintain at least an 85% survival of the tree/shrub planting.
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