Lincoln Conservation District

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What You Can Do

We need volunteers. Only a small part of the funding and personnel that we need to protect your environment comes from government sources. The rest must come from volunteers — people like you who donate their time and money to make sure our children will always have a clean, safe place to live and grow.

You are important because

    • local people offer extensive expertise and personal insight regarding the best ways to take care of their own natural resources.
    • effective management of natural resources at the local level reduces the need for outside intervention and regulation.
    • districts have minimal budgets, and may not be able to meet our conservation goals without volunteer help. The conservation district cannot levy taxes, but we can request (and often receive) support from the county and state. We also earn funds through enterprise operations.
    • volunteers, through examples and education, can help youth and all citizens learn to be responsible stewards of the land.

What you can do:

    • Support fundraising efforts. Your dollars will help conserve the natural resources in your community. You can help improve water quality of the river that provides your family drinking water and a place to swim and fish.
    • Volunteer. Depending on your interest, you can help plant seedlings in wetland restoration projects, stencil storm drains, collect water samples, take kids on a nature hike, develop bulletin boards, identify grass species or weeds, write news articles, develop or present educational programs, make maps, promote conservation at Earth Day or Arbor Day, or establish outdoor learning centers.
    • Practice good stewardship at home. You can improve your corner of the world by composting lawn clippings in your backyard, conserving green areas in your urban neighborhood, or implementing best management practices on your farm or ranch.

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