Lincoln Conservation District

801 E 5th Street – Suite 2, Canton, SD 57013 | Office Phone: 605-987-2624 | Email:

FSA Financial Assistance

If you are planting trees in order to protect livestock and/or conserve energy on your farm or ranch operation, financial assistance may be available through the Farm Service Agency (FSA).  The FSA implements a Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) which provides cost-share and other incentives to owners and operators who plant trees on agricultural land.

In order to be eligible, agriculture land must be either be cropland with qualifying cropping history or marginal pastureland.

Individuals who have purchased a rural residence in order to enjoy country life and perhaps have a few farm animals often inquire about the CRP Program.  These individuals should be aware that acreages devoted primarily to residential or developmental purposes  are not classified as FSA agricultural land and are therefore ineligible for CRP.


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