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Shelterbelts and You


Shelterbelts, commonly referred to as windbreaks, are an important structure for your farm or acreage. Shelterbelts not only protect your home and buildings from wind damage but they also help you with heating costs, protect your crop fields, your  livestock, control smell, increase wildlife habitat, and help with snow drift problems! Shelterbelts are easy to install and can actually help save you money as well as add value to your property!


dust bowl

Shelterbelts became a vital part of farm practices back in the 1930s during the dust bowl. Shelterbelts help with soil erosion from wind and protect your crops as well. A well placed and maintained shelterbelt will help with snow drifts on crop fields allowing a more uniform blanket of snow and an even melt off in the spring.

shelterbelt 2

Shelterbelts around your house will block the wind during those cold winter months and increase the heating efficiency of your house. This will also allow snow  to build up around your trees instead of having big drifts across your driveway making it difficult to plow. You will also have added protection from high winds that wreck exterior items on your house! Increased property value is another benefit of adding a shelterbelt around your acreage. Planting shrubs, such as lilacs or dogwood, on the inside row will give you a nice view out of your windows as well. There are many options to suit your personal needs, no shelterbelt is the same! Each shelterbelt can be made to your preference!

Shelterbelt for livestock

Adding a Shelterbelt for your livestock is beneficial for their winter health. Keeping them warmer relieves the winter stress and your shelterbelt will dump the majority of the snow around the trees giving your livestock ease of movement and out of deep snow. This will also protect your building for livestock that you’ve already built adding another benefit. As you know feeding livestock in the winter months can be a chore but your shelterbelt can make your life easier as well as making areas more accessible.

shelterbelt 3

As you can see Shelterbelts can provide many benefits for anyone from small acreages to large farming operations. You have many options for the way your shelterbelt is designed, from the look to the function we will work hand in hand to create a shelterbelt that you can enjoy for many years to come! Call us and we can get started making your Shelterbelt today! Remember theres no better time to plant a tree than today!




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